Residència Literària Finestres

About us

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The Finestres Literary Residence is a project of the Finestres Foundation with the following objectives:

  1.  To promote a literary calling.
  2. To provide an ideal space for cultivating imagination, thought, literary creation, cultural exchange and contact with nature.
  3.  To promote the work of emerging authors and their interaction with experienced writers.
  4.  To expose foreign authors to the literary traditions of Catalonia, Spain and Latin America.
  5.  To create a community of artists.

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The literary residencies we offer are for authors representing any country, language, gender, ethnicity or identity, as long as they are 18 or older.

There are three forms of selection:

  1. Open selection, through the presentation of a literary project in one of three categories: novel, story or poetry.
  2. Through the Finestres Prize and grant programs: all winners have the right to a residency, and the Finestres team reserves the right to invite other notable candidates.
  3. With an invitation from the RLF.

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The presence of the Mediterranean, the shifting winds, the intensity of the light, the colours of the earth, the birdsong and the buzz of insects are all stimuli that shape the creative process of the writers who spend time at the RLF. Our invitation to inhabit this space is an encouragement towards nature; above all, however, it comes with the commitment to care for it.


While studying law, Nicolás G. Botero (Medellín, Colombia) read Crime and Punishment; after that, he couldn’t put literature aside. In 2015 he travelled to the Santa Maddalena Foundation, a retreat for writers in Tuscany, where he lived until 2020. He continues to read, he tries to write, and he directs the Finestres Literary Residence.

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