Residència Literària Finestres

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The Finestres Literary Residence (RLF) is a calm, secluded spot far from urban distractions, a place to cultivate the acts of imagining and thinking through writing. Located on the cliffs of the Costa Brava, a house painted white like a blank page welcomes writers from around the world so they can focus on their art while in contact with the nature of the Mediterranean coastline.

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An empty house or sheet never lacks content: if we inquire into the time or tradition they’re steeped in, the ghosts of the past begin to appear. As some of the hikers who follow the Camí de Ronda know, the house looming over Cala Sanià is where Truman Capote isolated himself from the world to write In Cold Blood. Residents of the Baix Empordà region would add that up to 1930, the house was built by Nicolai Woevodsky and Dorothy Webster—the couple that also built the castle of Cap Roig.

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We compare this house to a blank page because it’s a space where voices –those of poets, novelists, essayists and storytellers– gather as they search for words, images and meaning.

The literary residency consists of a month-long stay in this extraordinary natural setting. Four individuals will live together during the residency period. The literary residencies we offer are for authors representing any country, language, gender, ethnicity or identity, as long as they are 18 or older.


Vicente Ferrer

Marta San Miguel

Mateo García Elizondo

Gabriela Escobar

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